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Know The Path Ahead

 Joshua Darnall

  1. Masters in Psychology with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy
  2. Masters in Heath and Human Performance
  3. Licensed in Spiritual Counseling

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Spiritual Financial Guideance

Dr. Joshua is able to provide real products through some of the top financial firms in America

7 dimensions of Wellness 

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Couples Counseling

Dr. Joshua employs his own couple's therapy called trinity therapy.

Psychic Medium

Dr Joshua connects his clients with their Spirit Guides who communicate what his clients need. 


Dr Joshua is featured on several Radio Shows and is an award winning Psychic Medium.

Emotional Guidance​

Dr. Joshua has a masters degree in psychology, and specializes in family and marriage therapy, but that's not it! Joshua also possess the skills and the credentials to provide psychic and financial advice to complement his counseling