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"I highly commend Joshua. He is my first call when am
seeking any sort of spiritual guidance. I've seen him in
person and done phone sessions and both are  wonderful! Joshua is an amazingly gifted intuit and an incredibly loving, supportive, and calming spirit. He has such a warm presence and insightful nature, always willing to dive in and provide a safe space to explore issues, ideas, challenges and just about anything. I am so grateful for the coaching, counseling, and honesty he provides; I can't say enough good things about him."

Michelle M.

Manhattan Beach, California

''Joshua is an amazing Spiritual Advisor. He has helped me through the toughest of times and situations. With his guidance, I am able to feel more confident and in my own power about anything I am struggling with. I have even recommended his services to many friends whom need help seeing a way through traumatic or emotional events. If you are looking for someone who is truly gifted and cares about helping others, I would highly recommend Joshua before
anyone else.

Amber C.

Redondo Beach, California

"I've just had the great pleasure of having my first ever
psychic reading done by Josh. I loved it! I was really blown away by his gift and all that came through him. He knew about and had guidance for all the areas of my life that are currently up for me. It was amazing how he knew what's going on in my life. My session with Josh provided clarity on important matters and I can't wait to book another session."

Valerie J.

Los Angeles, California

"Recently had my very first reading with Josh. After our
reading, I left with clarity, confidence, understanding,
and pure joy. He was very intuitive, and spoke the words
of Spirits of what they needed me to know. The energy in
his home was warm. loving, welcoming, and I felt a
sense of ecstasy. I am looking forward to our second
reading next month. PLEASE go see him, you will start
walking your right and perfect path. Peace and
Blessings, Josh. Thank you so much."

Jack C.

Carson, California

"Such a pleasure to have been read by Josh. He was
direct, correct, and inspirational. I was finally granted
clarity on a lot of things. He not only was professional,
but very personable. I would (and already have)
recommended him to my family and friends. We have
future plans for his counseling services too, beyond
excited to get started!"

Danielle H.

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

​""Had a psychic reading with Josh and it was very
insightful. He was able to pick up specifics that were
surprising to me. I appreciated most his honesty and
directness. He was validating and personable as well.
I've had psychic readings before but what I was
searching for this time around was a reading that would
provide spiritual guidance and enlightenment. He was
able to provide all of that. I plan on processing
everything over time and will certainly seek out
additional readings in the future."

Jenn M.

Los Angeles, California

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