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Dr. Joshua

Dr. Joshua is also a licensed financial planner. He has beeninvestingin the stockmarket since he was 18 years and went into financial services because so many of his spiritual brothers and sisters were suffering financially. Joshua is able to provide real products such as life insurance, annuities, trusts, Wills, investments and other

insurances through the top financial firms in America. What makes him different is that he not only can provide every product that another financial planner can provide but he can also provide the emotional reasons of why someone might be suffering financially through his psychological and spiritual background. He first financial consultation is free so give Dr. Joshua a call.

Dr. Joshua is currently in the midst of publishing his first book, Commit-2-Sit, which explains mindfulness on a practical level and why it is key for one's overall well-being. Click to learn more about his future book.

Before serving others in these capacities, Joshua was a college football coach for 14 years.

Dr Joshua is a licensed Spiritual Counselor.

He is currently working on his doctorate in psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Darnall has had numerous successes working with individuals, couples and families. In 2013, Darnall served as Practicum Intern therapist for Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles doing drug and alcohol counseling. 

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He uses various types of therapies specific to the clients needs.  Darnall has also created his own couple to succeed, each partner must feel SAFE then they can TRUST then they can SURRENDER.  A Safety or Trust issue cases a breakdown in the relationship.  In a healthy relationship, both partners are able to fully SURRENDER.  Joshua has been teaching meditation since 2010.  He professionally facilitates Meditation and mindfullness groups in Southern California.  In addition, Darnall is in chrge of Student Internships in Prayer Ministry at Agape International Spiritual Center. 

Beyond counseling, Dr Joshua also provides pyschic guidance.  Joshua Darnall is Clairvoyant (sees the future), Clairsentient (feels emotional states of others) Clairaudient (Hears words from the other side) and Claircognizant (receives knowledge from the akashic records).  Dr. Joshua is also known as Psychic-Medium.  He connects with his clients Spirit Guides who tell him what his clients need to know and answers any questions they may have.  Second, Joshua will do a chakra scan where he feels where they are different blocks in their energies. In order to create new life we must be open and available to receive new insight (crown Chakra).  In order to receive ALL of the Abundance that the Universe has to offer, we must be able to receive from Mother Earth (Root Chakra).   

Darnall has been reading people all of his life and has done it professionally since 2010. He regularly does psychic-mediumship at parties, psychic fairs and in his own private practice.

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